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USB Type-C DP ALT Mode, 10 Gbps Linear Redriver Crosspoint Switch


  • The TUSB1046-DCI is a VESA USB Type-C™ Alt Mode redriving switch supporting USB 3.1 data rates up to 10 Gbps and DisplayPort 1.4 up to 8.1 Gbps for downstream facing port (Host). The device is used for configurations C, D, E, and F from the VESA DisplayPort Alt Mode on USB Type-C Standard Version 1.1. This protocol-agnostic linear redriver is also capable of supporting other USB Type-C Alt Mode interfaces.

    The TUSB1046-DCI provides several levels of receive linear equalization to compensate for cable and board trace loss due to inter-symbol interference (ISI). The device operates on a single 3.3 V supply and comes in a commercial temperature range and industrial temperature range.


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