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TPS6274x 360nA IQ Step Down Converter For Low Power Applications


  • The TPS6274x is industry's first step down converter featuring typ. 360nA quiescent current and operating  with a tiny 2.2µH inductor and 10µF output capacitor.  This new DCS-Control™based device extends the light load efficiency range below 10µA load currents. TPS62740 supports output currents up to 300mA, TPS62742 up to 400mA. The device operates from  rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, Li-primary battery •  chemistries such as Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2 and two or three cell alkaline batteries. The input voltage range up to 5.5V allows also operation from a USB port and •  thin-film solar modules. The output voltage is user  selectable by four VSEL pins within a range from •  1.8V to 3.3V in 100mV steps. TPS6274x features low •  output ripple voltage and low noise with a small output capacitor. Once the battery voltage comes close to the output voltage (close to 100% duty cycle) the device enters no ripple 100% mode operation to prevent an increase of output ripple voltage. The device then stops switching and the output is connected to the input voltage. The integrated slew rate controlled load switch provides typ. 0.6Ω on-  resistance and can distribute the selected output voltage to a temporarily used sub-system. The TPS6274x is available in a small 12 pin 2 × 3mm2 WSON package and supports a total solutions size of  31mm2


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