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MPS Power Transistor Module Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (Fourd Darlington Power tTransistors in One)


  • The MP4020 is a TRIAC dimmable, primary-side control offline LED lighting controller which can achieve high power factor and flicker-free triac dimming output LED current for an isolate lighting application in a single stage converter. The proprietary real current control method can control the LED current accurately from the primary side information. It can significantly simplify the LED lighting system design by eliminating the secondary side feedback components and the optocoupler. MP4020 can realize flicker-free triac dimming. And it integrates power factor correction function and works in boundary conduction mode for reducing the MOSFET switching losses. The extremely low start up current and the quiescent current can reduce the power consumption thus lead to an excellent efficiency performance. The multi-protection function of MP4020 can greatly enhance the system reliability and safety. The MP4020 features over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit, VCC UVLO and auto-restart over temperature protection. The MP4020 is available in a small SOIC8 package.

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