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Octal Integrated IEEE 802.3bt-Compliant PSE Controller


  • The Broadcom® BCM59121 is a highly integrated IEEE 802.3bt-compliant power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller with unsurpassed integration and flexibility. It contains eight low-RDS (0.2Ω), high- voltage pass-FETs, each with a very accurate, lossless, proprietary internal current sense and an onboard microcontroller, all targeted to significantly reduce the complexity of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) and UPoE designs while easing PCB layout. The BCM59121 provides excellent protection under all possible fault conditions and overloads. It also supports two-event Classification for Type 2 (30W) applications and multi-event Classification for 802.3bt Standard Type3 applications.
    The BCM59121 has a networking-oriented host interface, communicating via a BSC bus and capable of speeds up to 2.4 Mb/s

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