Deception of the technology industry


Every year, the technology industry always has to come up with some technologies that are not used, such as solar energy, electric vehicles, and AIOT... These names should be the weapon that many companies propose to swindle more money from the stock market.

Solar panels: Ironically, the electricity used to produce a solar panel is equal to the electricity generated by the solar panel for 17 years in a row, and the solar version has a lifespan of less than a decade. Human beings are so stupid

Electric cars: Typical invisible net human basic behavior patterns, and more stupid. Sending electricity from the power plant to the battery, plus the natural Stand-by leakage of all the electronic components in the electric car... Didn't anyone really think about it?

AIoT: Wisdom architecture, smart road, smart factory, wisdom and wisdom. It seems that only smart factories are more reasonable. Others, do you really want to be predicted by your behavior patterns, and your privacy?

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